Corporate Services


Osaka Matsui Management provides corporations, companies and other equivalent entities with unique service packages aimed at growing their financial potential and protecting their current funds.

Our corporate solutions differ from the services offered to individuals, which is why we have a team focused specifically on company needs

The list of services includes but is not limited to strategic advice, share repurchase programs, cash management execution, investment banking, corporate portfolio management, and more.

If your company entrusts its funds partially or totally, we take full responsibility to generate a high return so that you can concentrate on the possibility to expand your business by reinvesting the profits.

The service we are ready to offer would touch one of the listed aspects:

  • Workplace pension
  • Solutions and support for employees
  • Investment solutions
  • Share repurchase
  • Employee stock-option plans
  • Cash management
  • Retirement plans
  • Investment banking, such as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, restructuring, advisory solutions, etc.