Private Client Services


Osaka Matsui Management’s private client services are directed to those who seek to invest their funds in different types of assets

At Osaka Matsui Management we offer a wide range of asset types to invest in including the forex market, stock market, bond market, and more.

After choosing the main direction and sectors that you want to deal with, we will conduct in-depth fundamental analysis, which is based on market events, news, insight events, company reports, interest rate decisions, and so on.

Our analysts and strategists at Osaka Matsui Management collect macroeconomic data and identify the trends, the sentiment, and the possible outcomes with a series of strategies and applications.

Our investment group gets the summary prepared by the research group, execute its own analysis based on both fundamental and technical indicators, and reach the execution process in which your entrusted funds are literally invested with the possibility of generating a greater return.

Our group of analysts & strategists prepare on a regular basis a macroeconomic picture of the markets – it is done each month or quarter. This kind of study includes prospects of the global markets and professional viewpoints, acting as a general diagnosis of what is happening in the financial world.

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Your personal financial consultant will closely work with you and have an important role in evaluating your risk profile and figuring out your specific targets. Based on your targets, experience, and risk-profile, we will come with the strategies and approaches that suit best your needs.

As for our investment products, they include instant execution contracts, futures contracts, options contracts, and more.